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Enhancing Learning through flexible online and in-person classes for students from KG to Grade 12.

By focusing on self-learning and personalized learning, students can develop the skills and confidence necessary to become lifelong learners. Regardless of their age or grade level, students can learn at their own pace, which helps them in fostering their interest in learning and building a strong foundation for future success.

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We strive to develop academically stimulating and engaging lessons.

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Our mission is to create high standards to enable our students to achieve the best education possible.

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We aspire to establish ourselves as the top provider of academic and educational services available today

“Savita has been a wonderful teacher to my 8 yr old. We started classes with her in the summer of 2014 and my child has come a long way since then. More importantly, she loves the subject now, looks forward to the classes and happily does her assignments. What I find most attractive about these classes is the personal attention from Savita. She goes above and beyond to understand my child’s needs and puts together very specific assignments to help her reach her goal.”


Our elder son has been making significant progress under Ms. Savita’s guidance for last 1.5 years and was able to get enrolled in Math Rock program which is very competitive and hard to achieve. So, we have started Math sessions for our younger son with her as we believe he will learn a lot from Ms. Savita. She is very dedicated, knowledgeable and sincere. Our sons always say that she explains problems much easier than we do and they enjoy her teaching. We are happy to have Ms. Savita as their Math teacher.

Rizwan Rahman
Rizwan Rahman

“I am proud and thankful, beyond words, when I think of the transformation in my son’s self-confidence, because of the experiences he has had at your Maths class. I have always been impressed by the personal interest you took in his success, at a time he was Math-phobic. Thank you Savita for your continued support and service. I would highly recommend your class to anyone studying math, who needs extra help to do well in their academic pursuits!”

Vinay Monteiro-PreCalculus
Vinay Monteiro-PreCalculus

“Savita brought the excitement of learning despite the aggressive schedule for preparing the CoGAT. My daughter had an awesome experience learning from Savita and eagerly looked forward for the classes.

Thank you for assisting Surya with her CoGAT preparation.”